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The Mission of DTB Webservices LLC is to provide very reasonably priced, but very high quality web sites and other products and services. We also strive to keep our customers totally satisfied, operating with integrity and great customer service. If you are unsatisfied, for any reason, please contact us.
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Since we are a small company, we rely on our customers to help us succeed. The first, obviously, is for you to have a website made, purchase a domain through us and/or have up handle your hosting. We will register your domain name for you for $25 and will keep it current for $2 a month.

To set up and maintain hosting on your own private account will cost you $25 per month, or you can choose to have your site sub-hosted by us for just $10 per month. (your visitors will only see your domain in their address bar)

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The second is our affiliate program. Under this program, we agree to sell your products and services through our site's online store. If you live in Virginia, we will collect sales tax for you that you will need to pay to the state.

Under the affiliate program, we sell the product for a small 10% fee and forward the order to you so that you can send it to your customer.
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Under our commission program, you simply give us a lead that becomes a DTB affiliated website. 30 days after we receive payment, you will receive 10%. You can choose to have your 10% as a check or as a credit towards your own DTB Website!

Printable DTB Webservice buisness cards

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To pay your DTB Webservices LLC invoice using PayPal, enter invoice number and click button.
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