The Secret laboratory is just a place to show you some of the kind of stuff we can do. Formatting and features, layouts and type. It is just a page to kind of get the creative thought process going.

For example, here is a video we made for one of our sites. We have included it here to just give an example of how we can create a video for you and embed it into your website. We can do the same with audio and with Flash animation.

Just a little note. Wrapping text up next to an element is called floating. Here, a video appears in an iframe (a window to another site) and the text actually wraps up to one side of it. I can actually, in some cases, place an oddly shaped object and follow the text along the contours of that object. An example of this is the text wrapping around my hat on the home page.

A video can also be seamlessly integrated into the design itself. This way, the video appears to be playing behind the website. Just look at the video on the Saint James Electric website for an example of this.

For those who need to constantly update content, a blogsite might be the answer. Most, unfortunately, have to resort to a third-party site such as Blogger or Word Press to do this. Even if the are able to host their own blog, they often are boxy and limited. We are able to customize your blog so that it nests seamlessly in your site's design.

We were able to accomplish this with Deeper Truth Blog. Though the overtly religious content is not everyone's cup of tea, there is not much I can do about that. Nevertheless, one cannot argue that the design is both clean and very functional and something similar may just be the answer your company or organization is looking for.